Race products for the professional motorcycle racer

We design and build high quality replacement bodywork and ancillary parts for most Japanese racing motorcycles.
Our innovative designs have a proven track record with many race teams. Time after time our customers return with new requirements each more demanding than the last. We become an integral part of the race team, providing expert technical advice and ideas. We listen to the race technicians and riders and translate those ideas and requirements into a quality product. Because of our approach to product development, we are able to supply the right product first time, on time.

Building on these relationships has been our major focus and provides us with many practical advantages. This enables us to design and prototype our products sometimes before they hit the dealerships. When you receive your bike, we can supply the fairings, seat units, mudguards, air tubes etc. already designed, tested and track-proven.
Product quality is something we are particularly proud of. Our carbon fibre and and glass fibre bodywork is amongst the best money can buy. We are racing enthusiasts and sports bike road riders, and we appreciate that any rider has to have ultimate faith in the bike and each integral component. Our products inspire confidence and ultimately produce results.

Call our Customer Service Manager Mike James on 01590 622355 or email him for a chat about how we can help. He will be happy to provide references and examples of how we’ve made the difference to many customers over the years.