About Us


We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and quality of our products. From initial discussions with the customer through design and prototyping to delivery of the finished goods, we maintain the highest standards. Our products are showcased at some of the most prestigious circuits and events in the motorcycle racing calendar. During a race they are tested to the limit at speeds approaching 200mph. There is little margin for error when producing products to withstand the tests of form and function such as these.


Evolution Composites achieved a reputation in the industry for innovative design. This is due in a large part to it’s designers being long term motorcycle racing enthusiasts and riders. Our key strengths lay in our ability to listen to the customer, be that a British Superbike race team manager keen to maximise an aerodynamic advantage, or save weight on the motorcycle, or a retail customer looking for a one off cosmetic ancillary product, then translate that requirement into the correct finished product. This is a value that has won and retained some major business in the past and will continue to during the development of our company, design team and products.


As a direct result of the above quality we are able to take advantage of lower design and tooling costs. The level of communication between client and design/development manager are a key to the success of Evolution Composites to date. Lower fixed costs from geographical location plus reduced wastage resulting from our innovative production techniques add to the overall cost effectiveness of the product offering. It is by applying and delivering these values to our production that we have been able to set ourselves apart from other composite developers and in turn position ourselves as a long term industry leader.